Beginner / Intermediate

Surf lessons


👉 Max. 6 People / Lesson
👉 Beginner & Intermediate level
👉 Certified Instructors
👉 Equipment Included: Surfboard, Wetsuit & Lycra
👉 Changing Room + Private Lockers + Hot Shower
👉 BuenSurf School is located 1 min from La Cicer beach


💰 The total price of the lesson is 35 EUR. 

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Enjoy life & surf with us

surf lesson

👉 2 Hour Duration

Our surf lessons are designed to have a duration of 2 hours so you can learn as much as possible and enjoy your surfing experience to its fullest.

👉 Max. 6 People / Lesson

In order to offer the best surf experience, our lessons have a ratio of maximum 6 people per instructor . This way you will receive the best attention and learn as much as possible.

👉 Beginner & Intermediate

Even if it is your first time surfing or if you have some experience, don’t worry! We will place you in your appropriate group level (beginner or intermediate).

👉 Certified Instructors

All of our instructors are Certified surf instructors. This means you will receive professional attention during your whole lesson.

👉 Equipment Included

All of the equipment you need for the lesson is included in the price: Surboard (the one that best adapts to your needs), Wetsuit (almost any size), Lycra (Buen Surf School vibes).

👉 Changing Room & Lockers

At Buen Surf School we have private changing rooms and safe key lockers so you can surf without any worries.

👉 1' from the beach

We are just 1 minute (100 meters) from La Cicer beach and Paseo de Las Canteras. Right next to the Auditorium .

Price per lesson


💰 The total price of the lesson is 35 EUR. 


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